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Default PvP: Warrior vs. Mage

I am a relatively new player to S&F, but already I have frequently encountered the notion that at high levels (300+ ?) warriors have a very good PvP matchup against mages. Now I would like to know why this is supposed to be so, since the numbers (as far as I know them) do not support this:

Warrior: 2x weapon dmg modifier, 5x hp modifier, 50% armor, 25% block
Mage: 4.5x weapon dmg modifier, 2x hp modifier, 10% armor, attacks can not be dodged/blocked and ignore armor
Scout: 2.5x weapon dmg modifier, 4x hp modifier, 25% armor, 50% dodge

So when a mage attacks a warrior his damage multiplier is 4.5(weapon)
When a warrior attacks a mage his damage multiplier is 2(weapon) * 0,9(mage's armor) = 1.8
Overall the mage does 2.5 times the damage of the warrior.
In turn the warrior has 2.5 times the hp of the mage.

Therefore assuming equal base stats this should be exactly a 50:50 matchup.

What am I missing?
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