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Originally Posted by GeorgeKen View Post
Well, it's not exactly a bug, but I think it should be fixed:

I am lvl 476 (highest on my server) and no.1 in hall of fame. No.2 in Hall of fame is 428. So, when I attack him, I get the honor i am supposed to get (up to honor 476 which is what i should get), but the souls i get from him is for lvl 428. That means that someone who is beating my character is getting resources for lvl 476, while i get for lvl 428. That is a huge gap and I am being left behind in terms of souls against my server competitors.
I have the same issue and it's a huge gap as you said. For now, on my server every day I get about 1mln souls less, so since they can beat me (it's now about 30 days) they got 30mln souls more to improve keeper. So i don't think I have a chance to be 1st in underworld (if bug with LEVEL and LEVEL+! when I attack 2nd max lev on server will be fixed).

My level is 472 and second on server has 443.