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Default Black gems vs. main stat color gems

Greetings everyone,

Long time player, first time poster here - I've searched the forums to ensure this topic hadn't been covered before. I supposed it must have been, but I were unable to find anything, so please excuse me if I make a double post or something.

Lately, we've been in a discussion in one of my guilds about which gem should be put in priority in item sockets.
I've always put black gems in my sockets in priority, and only as a second choice, main stat color gems - STR for warrior, DEX for Assassin/Scout, INT for Mage/BattleMage).

On my level 357 warrior with a level 18 Gem Mine, I get STR gems of about +650, and black gems of about +430.

For a black gem : secondary stats are irrelevant here, and Luck also since we've all reached the 50% crit for quite a time. Still, I've always assumed that +430 in STR *and* +430 in CON, was always a better choice than a single bonus of +650 in STR.

A long time ago, around the beginning of my play era on S&F (back in 2010 somewhere), I think I remember I had read some theory-crafting article on a forum probably lost since then, which gave some "weighing" to the stats to try to balance/refine their priority & importance.
I can't put back exact numbers on this but I remember that your main stat is not twice as important as CON, and thus a "combined bonus" of +860 in our example here, even with weighing CON a little bit less, was still a better choice than a +650.
That's for the same reason, I suppose, that all top players on both my servers focus on triple-stat (main/CON/luck) epic items instead of +ALL epic items, socketing them with black gems.

But lately, someone in my other guild (I play on 2 servers) is empirically claiming that he's climbing the Hall of Fame ladder with progressively replacing his black gems with DEX gems (the guy is Assassin level 344).
He's the ONLY one in the ladder to do that at his position (#60 - yes it's a recent server); everyone I mean everyone in the top 100, have all their sockets filled with black gems.

He claims that the base damage is the most important of all, as well as the combination with the critical hits bonuses from the Gladiator in Hell, and that we should focus on this instead of the black gems.
I tend to say that having a ton of damage while having low CON is a bit like being a glass sword - you need some balance after all or you just won't even be able to deal your impressive damage.

Now I'm really wondering about this. Do we have some theorycrafting about this issue somewhere on these forums? Is the idea to actually use main stat gems not so foolish after all? Maybe only for more DPS-oriented classes such as mages and assassin, while the others like my warrior should still focus on the CON bonus from black gems?

What do you guys think?
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