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Originally Posted by bobo baggins View Post
As a warrior I use the main stat only it keeps me at the top of the HoF and fairly close with dungeons with the top scout on my server.
bobo, on your server you simply don't have competition, that's why you are at the top. My guild leader has been a shroomer since the server started. I was a non shroomer for an year and a half, may be two. He has only main stat gems and I have only black gems.
He has: main stat + const = 114K points
I have: main stat + const = 137K points

We both play for gold.
I've been bying only main stat + const for the last couple of years. If I don't buy main stats, I buy constitution.

So if your main stat gems give you 10,000 points, when you convert them to black gems, they will give you 6,500 main stat + 6,500 const. That's 13,000 combined even without counting the +6,500 of everything else. That's an easy 3000 points win. The only reason I would use main stat gems is to change my main stat/const ratio. In the beginning I did not have enough main stat so I used such gems, but now I control this ratio by buying points and for me there is no other option than using black gems.
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