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Post Missing album item ! What to search for ?

Having trouble finding an item from the Scrapbook of meticulousness?
Don't know what to look for?
Reply in this thread and maybe someone will help you out.

REQUEST RULES - please follow them:

1. DO NOT request monsters.
2. DO NOT request player name who have that item. This thread is for item information only.
3. If possible, please request only rare / epic items.
4. Requests should look like this: Missing Valuable / Warrior Equipment / Mage Equipment / Scout Equipment - page [number] - top / bottom.
5. Please request only ONE item and wait until someone helps you. After you can request another one.
6. Request fillers should try to be as helpfull as they can by posting the item image and item name.

Please read the Board Rules and the Allowed language on the International Forum before posting. Thank You.
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