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Question Why do you want to win the collector's edition?

The question: Why do you want to win the collector's edition

Some hungarian quotes:

I have been playing the game every day for 4 years, I enjoy every part of it. If I win the collector’s edition, I would be very happy! I'll take care of it!
I played this game from early times when there was some basic dungeins only. It would be a great honor to be the owner of the collector's edition.
Because it's part of my daily life. There is no day not to play with it.
I used to play with it, six months before that I started again. I've been playing with it ever since, it has become part of my daily routine, it would be a great pleasure to win.
I will flexing with it to my girlfriend.
I want to win one of the prizes because I've been playing with breaks for a while long enough but never happened to me that I have won anything in this game or any other game. The prize would make the game easier especially the mushroom coupon. But if I don't win, it won't change my attitude about the game: I'll like it the same.
It captivated me too.
Because I've been playing with it for a long time but unfortunately forget the password of my previous account. I love this game.
I've been a fan of old D&D role-playing games for a long time and this game has sniffed so much that I'm unable to put it down. To get such a wonderful collector's edition of this game, well, that would be a magic!
I couldn't buy the collector's edition last year so I want to win this year.

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