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Default Arena manager and the existing epic items

I miss the function of being able to use rune enchantments into my existing gear.

At magic shop the witch would can sell this for 25 mushrooms. You would can choose what type of rune enchantment you would like.

After that item is rune enchanted by mushrooms. It is mean this item is scaleable. You paid for it with 25 mushrooms. For example you already unlocked 2% exp, you put it into 8 gear 8x25=200 mushrooms. After it you unlock 3% exp, you don't need pay again mushrooms.

But if you would like to change to 2% gold then you would pay 25 mushrooms again.

If you get new item and you wear it, new item new mushrooms you need pay 25 mushrooms again if you would like to change rune enchantment.
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