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Originally Posted by Tilithia View Post
Yes, some way of applying runes to current items is a must.
Given that they have to support mobile version, I can only see it implemented as a slider that improves existing enchantments. Say, you have an runic sword of +3% to fire dmg. Now, click on rune and drag runic slider to the right to see how much you can improve that existing +3% to +X% if you invest certain amount of your rune stash. Should be easy to implement just like Item Upgrade slider, but presented to user as a fixed selector [0-10-20...90-100%] of total runes in a pocket.

I seriosly doubt that they will allow the selection of enchantment on the rune-free items. This is close to impossible to implement UI-wise. Can't really have a lengthy drop-down menu on mobile without breaking UI or making it ugly. On the other hand, rune enhancement is practically already there. Reuse one dialog box, attach one callback and voila.
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