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Sry I don't understand, what will happen our all collected gear, pets, castle etc?

We lose everything because new system introduce? Or there will be an alias character we can play paralell, and unlocked bonuses make stronger the "main character?

I play only with one character in one server, I don't like that new server, start new character way, and I don't imagine why is it good to me start again from lvl1. These Ascension Paths are hard and boring long-term repetative contents. To reach everything in fortress to lvl15 it was insane, etc. etc. I would have to spend years again to do the same thing again, I don't want it repeat because of Ascension Paths.

Sry I can't image Ascension Paths why good :S

I have an old feeling. When Settlers Online introduced lvl50+ levels it was fun for a short-mid time, after we reached lvl60 to reach lvl75 it was nightmare because of there isn't new content just grind and grind the exp. They learned the lesson and filled with lots of content the game, and it is enjoyable now for long time. S&F should do the same thing. S&F now an empty game after you reach a lvl. They need more end content, vertical and horizontal as well. Ascension Paths would be one of them but I don't understand now, what is that and how would work.

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