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First, if you don't want to ascend, you can keep playing just like you do now if that fits your style. There will be a button somewhere in the interface that will take you to ascension screen when clicked, but you are not forced to click it... But, even for advanced players ascension should offer bonus proportional to the levels gained as a compensation.

Also, the idea is to have "short" ascension Runs, like 3-5 runs per year of playing, so you won't have to build lvl 15 fortress every time you do a run. Every ascension run is supposed to be somewhat unique because of restrictions and final bonus, so it will not be exactly the same every time you take it. Right now I am lvl 340ish, and there is literally nothing happening - no goal at all, each day is literally identical to the previous one, people get bored and leave server (w26 is already 1-yr old and it feels).
With ascensions implemented, I will be able to tell myself that okay, in a few months I will complete current Run, will get special award which N1 player does not have, and I will get a chance to try another path with a different type of a hero (keeping name and bonus of course). That would be an interesting game, and will definitely keep more people from leaving the server.
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