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Default Epic Quest Extravaganza, Forge Frenzy Festival & Epic Shopping Spree Extravaganza

Hello heroes!

Get ready for three upcoming events from Friday to Sunday! We will have EPIC QUEST EXTRAVAGANZA with guaranteed epic items for playing 100 thirst for adventure and playing your entire thirst. Moreover, FORGE FRENZY FESTIVAL will be active with 15 instead of 5 points for dismantling items with the blacksmith, twice as many arcane splinters from the gambler and the wheel of fortune, and you can find metal and arcane splinters on quests. In addition, there will be EPIC SHOPPING SPREE EXTRAVAGANZA with an increased chance of epics in the shops and on quests (five times as high, level 50+ required) and you can find pet Knilight during the event if you unlocked it in the pet habitat.

Have a nice weekend!

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