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Default HACK / BUG

sorry i use google translate:

The player ... w27 uses a hack or bug that he found.
1) Despite being weaker than me and unge attacking us with about 300 attacks every day all won, 0 defeats only victories. When the attack I win with ease instead but the problem is not this, maybe he is so lucky to dodge everything only when attacking him 300 times a day every days, maybe he has this huge fortune but despite his win rank does not increase 60,000 in the PRI rank But of the attacks and 60,000 rank after 300 clashes won. Is it normal??
2) Its rank varies from 90,000 to 2,000 and then return to 60,000 and 300 within 4 seconds of clock.
3) mail completely occupied by his attacks all in the same second, or is the fastest man in the world or even this one has of the strange.
I have videos of everything I say and no one answers me in from the support NE from other parts. If they are lawful hacks or such things I would like to be informed so as to provide for them too.

Also when he is rank 90,000 and I rank 10 I attack him and I also honor
I have videos of everything I say I also sent them to the support but nothing.

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