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Default New "race rank"

Hi all, this is a suggestion to have more content.
So here's how I see it;
For each class (warrior, scout, mage,..etc) We could have some sorte of assignements that would need to be done in each parts of the game
It's kind of like the album succeses but a bit more complete.

Examples; win 5pvp against players at least 5levels higher than you/ do a total of 100fortress revenges/ beat top100 with only goblins in underworld/ beat a dungeon in 1 try, resets everyday/ beat your guild boss in pvp, if you're it, the next officer/ earn a lifepotion from lucky wheel/ win all 5 pet battles,etc...
And this could go on harder and harder there are plenty of more ideas for assignements !

And so for a certain amount of assignements done, you get a title that goes from;
Knight (or Dame)
Prince (Princesse)
King (Queen)
Lord of all
(these are just taken randomly from my head, we could find perfectly fitted titles for all races etc... could be nicely done with a little bit of time)

So as you can probably guess, those titles brings more to your character, you could have a little signe with your title, and obvioulsy each one could give something.
I thought, why not bonus stats, like +5 or +10 for each title up, and If you become Lord of all you'd unlock a key for a new dungeon (and a new album succes ) or something more than just stats.
I got much more imagination for this game, there is so much we could add !

One of my dissapointments is that we don't have a tab with our character standing and fully equiped and his mount besides and why not the guild emblem behind. So we could appreciate choosing our specific equipement and see them on our character.
That could add SO much to the personnification of the game...
Well tell me what you guys think because personnaly i would love new content even if i didn't finish any part of the game at all !

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