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Originally Posted by beroun View Post
In my opinion, it is a bug. Another thing is when yo uthrow something i nthe toilet. If it's not an accessory/ring/necklace, the item will change classes. But if it IS an accessory/ring/necklace, as there are no classes, there is a colour change (meaning it's a different item, WC just changes the item).

In the blacksmith, upgrading an item does not change its class. So no reason for it to change colour.

Also yes, I like to find some kind of logic everywhere
Yes it is suppose to change class when you drop something in the toilet thats how they started it from day one back then there were no dungeons that drop epics or even normal items for your companions was the only way and still is the best way to gear up your other class companions as for changing colors as I said before not a bug if the item changes there would and should be a chance for it to change the color of the item as well. Those items that dont have a class in a sense do would you put a ring for example that has str as a stat bonus on a mage. or a int necklace on a scout not me.
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