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Default various ideas

My wishes are:

Better guild chat and chat history
Seriously... it is REALLY bad. When you log-on and can only see like the last 5 messages?

PvP attacks with tower companions
How about having two types of arena fights - with or without companions?

More dungeons / towers
For higher level players, it takes months between new dungeons (or tower level) can be completed...

Redo dungeons / tower
At least, give us the opportunity to take previous dungeons again and see how much we have improved :-). The epic probability should be much lower than the first time you win (where it should be 100% in my opinion) but there should be better exp than the normal quests

Harder quests
Could be combined with my previous suggestions of redoing dungeons and tower. As soon as you are above the lowest levels, you win 100% of your quests. How about making some much harder with a better prize at the end?

More potion space
If people wants to use potions for all their stat's, why not let them? To me, it doesnt make sense you have to cancel another potion if you want to use a fourth.

Windows phone app
I may be one of the few... but I have a windows phone and could use a s&f app for it ;-)

Toilet info
Sometimes I forget, if I have already donated to the toilet... Could be nice having the info saying "already donated today"

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