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How much diamonds will we really need to improve items to max? Maybe it will not be that much. I dont see players gathering diamonds for moths and months just to get 30% bonus on 1 item. On those months we lvl up and the items will be old.
Personally im not going to use the blacksmith so soon. Ill be gathering resources slowly from low item gold value items. And as i get new epics ill lvl up.
I get 750 value epics, if blacksmith gives 30% i get 225 extra with means 450 stat for offensive and life(the 225 from luck no one cares anymore). If i have to spend much time selling items to get resources for the upgrades ill rather use the gold of those items for permanent base stat.

I mostly get 2.5M gold value items...if i need i months to have upgrades then ill waste Milions in gold on "temporary" stats. Will i prefer to get 30% bonus on the short run and lose tons of million or will i prefer on the long run the permanent base stats?

The same problem happened with the gem mine in the fortress. Some players notice that was better to keep lvl 1 mine and every 15 minutes get gold and better stats on the long run, rather than upgrading the mine just for more temporary stats and a instant boost.

This will all depend on the costs to power up.

Anyway... everything they give us as updates i appreciate them all
This one is a little one but keep them coming.