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Originally Posted by sharshooter View Post
Find easy target, farm on it. Don't invest into defence. Rush just heart/extractor.
I see your screenshot says "Max Souls at level 46+". Do you really attack a level 46 player? I had an easy target level 35, but tomorrow I will have to do 36+. The next "easy" target is level 54. I am wondering whether to spend 6000 souls on Keeper building level 4 + keeper unit upgrade 7x ...or save these souls and upgrade Soul Extractor to level 7. I will lose 500-600 souls per day if I keep attacking the same level 35 hero, but I will build the soul extractor 6-7 hours sooner, which will give me around 4000 souls more.

If I decide to build the extractor first, then the question changes to "when is the right time to spend 6000 souls on my army and stop losing souls every day".

I would be happy to hear opinions on this one.
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