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Default Calculating Underworld Fights


It is technically possible to predict the performance of the underworld units,
we just have to collect some data.

What I know so far:

1.) Gobins, Trolls and the Keeper are Warriors
The HP of the underworld-units tells you, that they are warriors.
Their Health is equal to "Constitution*5*(Level+1)".

2.) Even though being a warrior, they cannot block

All units are warriors that can't block. So, they are actually quite shitty.
Assuming an underworld-unit would fight an opponent with equal stats,
The balance would look like this:
a) Against an opponent without armor

b) Against an opponent with armor

(Here is an explanation how I calculated the values above

3.) The damage is not random
Like the pets, the underworld-units have a weapon without a range,
which will make it easier to compare fights.

And this are the things I still need to know/confirm:
1.) What is the armor value of the underworld-units?
2.) What is the base/weapon damage of the underworld-units?
3.) What are the stats of the underworld-units?

How you can help me:
Record your underworld-fight(s) and post it:
I am interested in the damage of your target (it will help to figure out the armor value of the underworld-unit)
I need the armor value of the target
I only need the first hit of the underworld-unit and the char you are fighting,
so you can click the "Next fight"-Button after both sides have attacked

Here is an example:

I used WebMCam to record the battle (

What I am going to do with that information:
All the values like damage, armor, stats are based on the level of the underworld-unit,
with enough data I will be abled to get a function for all the different values of the underworld-unit.
You will then be abled to simulate a fight between e.g. your keeper on and an opponent of your choice.
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