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Just updated the manual.

Here's the list of runes in the game. They can appear on any item with the exception of damage runes that are restricted to weapons. Runes of the same type add up* and are capped at a certain maximum.

XP for quests, max. +10%
Gold for quests, max. +50%
Chance of epics (shops), max. +50%
Improved item quality, max. 5
Hit points, max. +15%
Fire damage, max. +60%
Cold damage, max. +60%
Lightning damage, max. +60%
Fire resistance, max. +75%
Cold resistance, max. +75%
Lightning resistance, max. +75%
Total resistance, max. +25%

* if your ring has a gold bonus of +10% and your helmet has another +5%, you have a total bonus of +15%.

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