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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Wouldn't a mirror world be considered a lazy copy and paste idea? Some players don't like shadow world because of the copied gameplay. Having an entire world copied would be even worse, wouldn't it? Would your character start at level 1 in the mirror world or keep his/her level and fight more difficult enemies?

And why can't someone just start a completely new account? What would be the difference between mirror world and a new account?
The thing is that, in my opinion, mirror world has tons of possibilities to add new content, and not only recreate what already exists. New content would require little to no effort, which would give devs more time to work on actually new content for the game.

Mirror world would not have to be only revolved around dungeons - we already have that. Imagine the whole picture: a new 'shadow' fortress/underworld with boosted bonuses (+100% from academy, +50% from gems, +50% from gold pit, something like that!), new shadow pets (again, with boosted bonuses! You have +40% bonus on each element once you get all pets to level 200, so imagine something like +60% bonuses now, or maybe even 80% who knows!), new shops with a darker theme that would sell improved items (you could add a new mechanic in order to improve those items stats, like the toilet is doing right now), stuff like that you see? There's nothing new on there (maybe you could fight the new pets with the pets you already have, just like you do in shadow dungeons with your companions), so this could only focus on getting your character better and stronger (due to the better bonuses) in order to fight new, harder content!
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