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Actually, it's a very very good idea !
In the mirror world you can start shadow character at level 1
You have all the bonuses (xp, gold, aura gem mine, Hall of knight, ...) directly at level 1... but you can be in a shadow guild (not necessarily with the same players) and level up the xp bonus and gold bonus. You can level up your shadow aura (from 1 to 66 and it's added to your light aura), so the stuff will be amazing at level 1, light aura 66
So that shadow character receive twice bonuses from guild, tower, scrapbook, ... You can fight the dungeons which are more difficult but give 2x normal experience.
A shadow character cannot fight against a light character. It's like a new starting server in that existing server
I think that is very interesting in the old servers : it gives a chance to people who created their character lately.

EDIT : All this would be available when the first player of the server reach level 400

We can use this idea to merge the server (the idea is to use that mirror world to make possible the server fusion):
*A player must create an account before connecting. Once the account created, he can add his character to the account.
*Only one shadow character per nation/account (so 1 character in french server only)
*When creating the shadow character, the player must choose an character from which the data (light aura, xp and gold bonus from light guild,...) would be transfered. Do it with your best character !
*You can/must choose another class for your shadow character !
*Shadow character companions : choose 1 strenght char, 1 intelligence char and 1 dex char.

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