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Originally Posted by CreepyBullets View Post
In this case we don’t know who you have doing your ads [...] Maybe tell us who is doing the ads and how to reach them

1) They aren't "our" ads. We only embed the Flying Tube with ads.

2) Clients contact the ad company and not us and buy ads from them to be displayed in a country of their choice, but not from us...we aren't involved.

3) Make sure not to use a popup blocker as it might keep ads from appearing.

4) If no ads are available, we cannot change it nor is the ad company able simply means no client bought ads to display.

5) If an ad is shown and does not give you lucky coins, report the video by sending a support ticket to us! Important: We need the video ID and product! Sometimes only a black window pops up without an ID. In this case we cannot do anything. If an ID is displayed, we will forward your report to the ad company and they will remove the faulty video from the pool of ads.

If no ID is displayed, we are not able to report the faulty video as nobody knows what product would have been advertised. An empty or black window is just an empty window and "Ad company, please remove the video resulting in an empty window as it does not work" does not make sense because nobody knows which video in the pool of videos causes this error. In this case, everybody has to wait till the faulty video expires and will be removed from the video pool automatically.



If an offer for free mushrooms does not give you your reward, you need to contact the company in charge. We only embed the service, but cannot send you the mushrooms in case of problems. Click on "Mushrooms", "Offfers" and find the one you had. The support link is displayed under every offer.

If no offers are available, we cannot change it as the companies Fyber or Trialpay are responsible.

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