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Originally Posted by David Zhou View Post
This is actually a great idea, it's been implemented in many other browser games for years now, such as Travian or Tribal Wars.

It'd definitely be a feature worth implementing eventually as the points this person makes is valid, definitely a bit time consuming to implement but yeah, it'd be a good implementation!

Also, he stated that not many people read the rules, this is very true, I didn't even know where to FIND the rules because during sign-up, it's very tunnel vision, "click next" "click next" "click next", y'know the usual, we're all guilty of it.

Suggestion; maybe a tutorial at the beginning of the game when you sign up explaining the interface, goal (as best as you can explain it I guess), and a quick pop-up of the rules of the primary rules then a link to the in-depth rules.

Just an idea, not sure if something similar is already in place, so apologies if it's a redundant suggestion!
There are links on the top of your in game screen for rules as well as a simple guide.

In my opinion coding an ingame guide or tutorial would be way more time consuming than implementing a sitter option.
Plus i like the fact that the game has a bit of fairy tale in it.. I dont want to see it spoiled.

As for the sitter option as it is atm, the fact that it's "hidden" is not even the biggest problem as i mention above.

Originally Posted by Baldur View Post
Further guild upgrades (new bonuses besides fortress etc, but also higher levels for the already existing ones)
+1 as long as the bonuses are gained with some kind of a quest and not shrooms.
About 5000 shrooms are required to reach max and thats already too much for some people.
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