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Default A few suggestions towards the game

First of all lets start with the communication towards players.

Right now the only form of communication towards the community is via this forum and i heard you guys have a facebook page.
Most players don't know about those so the bonusweekends and more important gamechanges/improvements go unnoticed and people will only find out when those things are already implented.

The solution is to make use of ingame mail, send a mass mail to everyone about important stuff with a link to the forums.
To increase forumtrafic even more you can mass mail your forumcontests, the last forumcontest had 10 participants... that's laughable, everyone likes mushrooms and this way people can also get more familiar with the forum itself.

My next suggestion has more to do with the latest update.

There's lots of people that don't like sudden changes of a game that they play for months/years.
Ingame mail was a great way to give people a headsup about the changes so the knew what was comming.
The amount of bugs and spelling errors is way to big, you're dealing with a game where every player counts, most servers are pretty dead already so you don't want to lose anyone over stuff that could easily be fixed before implementing this patch on all servers.
People will quit when you **** up their gameexperience by adding incompleted/buggy contend, people will wait when you'll need more time.
Ive seen people delete their character over this update....

An easy solition for this was to use the new servers you opened before implementing the patch to all of the servers as some sort of test servers
Tell people that you need their help to find all bugs/spelling errors and make some sort of game out of it, 1 mushroom to your character of choice for every new bug you find that isn't yet reported.
This way the people eager to try the new stuff can go to one of the new servers and get exited instead of fustraded when they find a bug.
More important, this will give all other players a smooth transition into the new and improved S&F without bugs.

Increasing the player base

Right now you'll recieve statpoints for every player you recruit, take a look at the top100 players and you'll see that this did not work at all.
Most ppl don't have any medal for recruiting, some players have 12(max) but there's not much in between so this will probably need some sort of revamp.
Right now you can make 12 accounts on different ip's to max out your stats without even getting new players in, this will hurt the game more than it will do any good, people can get unfair advantages over others this way.

The solution i came up involves mushrooms instead of stats, mushrooms is your go to currenty in this game to get advantages over other's, people love them.
Each 10 lvls one of your recruits will get you'll get 1 mushroom, this way you'll get rewarded for recruiting active players.
An other solution can be that you'll get a fixed amount or 50% of the mushrooms off of the first mushroom sale that one of your recruits will make.
This will encourage people to recruit people that spend money in the shop.
Not sure if you need a max number of recruits on these solutions, people who actively recruit will get more rewards, if you put a max on it it can only discourace people that are great at it.
You can even give each player a referal link and a banner they can use on their own website or social media accounts, that's free advertising for you guys.

Well that was it for me, i'm all out of idea's right now.
I hope any of these will be of any use

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