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Personally I like my beers one at a time - in general I do no think it makes a big difference, with only one major exception to my knowledge:

The 11th beer. You need to keep it separate.

The reason is, that there is a chance for the last quest in after drinking the 10th beer ( if it is a 2:30 duration quest ) to have its rewards greatly boosted ( I remember reading that its similar to a 10 min quest, but in my experience it's slightly lower ). To get that, you need the last quest after 10 beers to be 2:30.

If you drink both 10th and 11th beer together, you miss that 100% of the time.

The same effect repeats for the last quest of the 11th beer, but that's totally feasible.

Edit: Just confirmed that the same effect happens in earlier beers too -- just had a 2:30 minute quest give me double rewards at the end of beer 5... and I'm almost sure it's not the first time. As always, experiment yourself -- just work it in a way that after each beer, the last quest is 2:30 minute duration and see if anything interesting happens
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