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Thank you bobo for your suggestions. Unfortunately all those things have been tried. It appears as though he has a fixation on me for the time being. Some people just have to push and push. Funnily enough I have not attacked him in the hall of fame. At present I have been forwarding all his loses back to his own mail box. I think some people are just there to try you in life. Obviously I am in his way and he wants me to know it.

Still I ask if Playa can change our mailboxes to include your idea (from several posts up). Us, guild leaders often keep pertinent info in our mail boxes and when some fool is attacking you daily 10s of times it means that our mail boxes fill up with trash. Need a way to throw out that trash before I lose important mail. /delfights works nicely, but would like something else put in place.

thanks in advance merlin mage corps the only way to fly .
mage corps the only way to fly