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Default Open beta on all servers

I don't think creating new "normal" servers for beta is very good idea.
Much better was using for this, or creating new server where you can create your character (you choose level and random stats) as you want at the beggining.

Cons new server to beta:
- longer time of beta version (it will take lot of time to unlock all things: pupils, tower, underworld, guild dungeon and portal),
- fewer number of testers,
- servers will be full of mistakes, the players won't have the same chances in getting top. It will be one huge chaos.

- ...a little more money for Playa

It's just a few arguments. Do you really want to test it fastly, or get chance and earn money even on such stupid! and important thing as beta version?

If you want to make it fast - make true beta server or let us testing on our own. At the beggining let players choose their level they should test. You can give them random stats, or let them play with it.
You can make random characters and ask people for testing them.

Trust me, it will be much more faster than new servers...
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