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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
It will be available for all servers after some more testing. As Remastered replaces the normal version we do not want to test it on all servers at the same time.
Yes Leander, after some more testing. But if I understand it well, then developers want to test EVERYTHING before giving it for all servers. And that "everything" means fortress, underworld, dungeons, portals, twister, ... So "some more testing" means "few months or more, maybe one year".

Originally Posted by Leander View Post
When does open beta end?
It will end once all major problems have been fixed. Then Shakes & Fidget Remastered will go live on all worlds and will become the new standard version while the old Flash version will still be available as an alternative.
This would be possible from the start. So EVERYONE with different levels can try it and looks for the bugs. But better give it as an alternative then the first choice. And after some testing just change it, so it becomes the first choice and flash becomes alternative.
But I understand you don't want this (as we saw last big update where was the bug with dismantling weapons that went through toilet).

That's the reason why promucha writes about a test server and I think it's a brilliant idea. You can choose your level and test your character. You don't go to play on beta (test) server to be in a top but to find all bugs. That's the main reason for beta version, isn't it? Well, at least it should be...

Playa could do beta-testing in two quick ways but they chose the third way - way that is much much longer. Again - way that they hope they earn plenty of money, because players will want to try it...

BTW I will play on that new server. But just to find out if they repaired the bug I reported FIVE MONTHS AGO. And it will take WEEKS before I will be able to find it out!

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