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I posted the FAQ below yesterday!

W27 & Open Beta - FAQ:

Will the new server W27 be reset after open beta?

No, it will continue running. As the server code remains unchanged and “only” the client has been coded from scratch almost all potential bugs will be display bugs only. Therefore, playing the classic Flash version will be possible too.

Why is open beta only available for the new worlds ( and and not for all of them?

Because this would result in more bug reports than we can handle. As we will not receive reports on high-level characters and content, we can focus on general bugs and low-level gameplay.

Has account registration been changed?

Yes! You no longer need to enter an email address and password but just start playing. Only at level 10 will you be prompted to validate your account. This change should make the start of the game easier for new players.

If you would like to validate your account earlier or do something that requires a validated account (for example buying mushrooms), click the bottom-left gear icon/game options and select “Save character”.

You also find this information in the W27 section:

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