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Originally Posted by ECAsh View Post
Umm, dont think they bought them for MORE then a year...
And they have not played in YEARS..I know a few of them and they were friends who quit playing.. They had no pets..
Some people *cough* also me *cough* like to use more shrooms to extend MOUNT for a lot of time.... years......

I (totally f2p) use tiger since it's easy to extend as f2p & it "expires" next year... it cost *edit* I think it cost over 20 shrooms actually, like 25 * and I still want to extend it more. :\
I had another account a while ago, in 2012-2013 and I didn't monitor how much the mount will last, I know I just extended it a lot... I lost the account and stopped playing, when I rechecked in 2015 from a different account on the same world it seemed.. I still had a mount... )

I see people in HoF too when recruiting for guild that have potions & mounts and they kept a decent rank in HoF.... but when I look on mobile to see their activity it says 14d or 50d or more..... of inactivity....

It would be cool if you could keep your mount & potions but if you don't log in for a lot of time to have like a mark or something.

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