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Old 27th February 2019, 02:19 PM
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Default Guild Pet Update Details!

Hello heroes!

Here's some details for our upcoming UPDATE, to be released later this week!

New Content & Changed Features:

New content: Guild Pet
Manual entry: Link

New content: Berserker class, wears Warrior equipment but does not have a shield. Rage skill: gets an immediate additional attack with a 50% chance each. Armor: 25% Damage Reduction. Prone to Mages, suffering +100% more damage from them.
Fortress: added option to search for gems while upgrading Gem Mine (Gem Mine level 25 required)
Fortress: Gem Mine limited to level 100 now
Underworld: Gold Pit limited to level 100 now
Scrapbook: changed "Big Spender" achievement to spend 1,000,000 gold or 10 on personal guild skill
User interface: double-clicking a character in guild chat opens the player's Hall of Fame entry

List of Fixes and Changes:

Tavern: fixed a bug that displayed the quest screen instead the fight screen after a completed quest
Tavern: fixed the displayed reduction of the 36960-feet boots
Tavern: fixed a bug that was caused when double-clicking a quest
User interface: fixed an infrequent context menu display bug
Fights: fixed the display of criticial hits (numbers were sometimes off)
Blacksmith: fixed the display of resources for selling an upgraded item
Blacksmith: fixed displayed amount of resources needed for upgrading an item
Mail: fixed a bug that prevented the sending of new messages after deleting an old message
Options: fixed a crash when clicking the ToS link
Arena: fixed infrequent fights with no XP gain
Arena: fixed a bug that displayed the same opponent twice in a row
Pets: fixed the epic background for pets 19 and 20
Fortress: fixed a unit text bug
Fortress: fixed the display of defeated mages
Fortress: fixed a rare bug when collecting XP in the academy
City Screen: fixed a Dungeon Portal display bug
Hall of Fame: fixed a display bug when using arrow keys
Guild: fixed a bug that displayed the names of enemy guilds in the own guild
Guild: fixed a bug that didn't display guild members ready for attacks and defenses
Guild: fixed a bug that closed the wrong windows when clicking the X
Guild: fixed a bug that did not display the name of the attacking guild
Guild: fixed the function to overthrow an inactive guild leader
Guild: fixed the display of Hall of Knights points of other guilds
Guild: fixed a bug that prevented you from attacking certain guilds in range (up to 20 ranks above yours, even with +3,000 Honor more
Guild: fixed the chat command /time that displayed your local instead of server time
Dr. Abawuwu: fixed an animation bug that sometimes resulted in an unclear position of the bird's beak
Dr. Abawuwu: fixed an animation bug that prevented the wheel from moving
Dr. Abawuwu: fixed a display bug when spinning the wheel too quickly
Underworld: fixed the gold pit that displayed wrong numbers when an upgrade duration was at 0 hours
Arane Toilet: reduced the glow effect

Official Guild Pet Update Discussion and Feedback Thread: Link

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