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Old 13th December 2018, 02:57 PM
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Default Get Rid Of Epic Luck Items

They Are Pointless
1st to find all Pets in the World
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Old 13th December 2018, 05:46 PM
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Not that I disagree, but Luck items right now have a point in the game as bad luck items - cricital failure in rolling stats. They waste shrooms on epic events.

On a more serious note stat aquisition changed a lot (especially with pets).
Playa should consider rebalancing Luck, since hitting 50% is way too easy.
Old 14th December 2018, 09:50 AM
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This is suggested regularly in the german forum (and I guess everywhere else) e.g. here or here.

The answer is always the same they are part of the game as bad luck rolls and some nonshroomers behind the moon may actually use them. So no, this was rejected officially several times.

Furthermore I guess they generate some more clicking on epic events and therefore a few more euros that they don't want to miss.

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Old 14th December 2018, 02:29 PM
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Luck epics do play a role early in the game.

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Old 14th December 2018, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Luck epics do play a role early in the game.
Maybe in 2010
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