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Old 1st September 2020, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Gully View Post
Exp and Gold values are calculated when the 3 quests are generated.
Sorry for the thread necromancy but I've been searching for an official answer about this and couldn't find one.

This is really annoying, because with random XP/Gold rewards for quests, you cannot really realize if the bonus is really applied or not. Like some have suggested here, maybe writing down the whole XP/Gold gain on one day, but still, you are getting random rewards on quests so it's not precise calculation.

I've also noted the following: you have a tooltip when you hover your mouse on the rewards of a quest. It says which rune bonus is applied, and it changes that indicated bonus value if you switch your gear, but without adapting the indicated reward! This is really confusing.

after switching to XP gear:

Devs should update that tooltip and keep the fixed value used at the generation time of the quest, as long as switching to your Gold/Xp stuff doesn't change that value after the quest generation.

On a side note, I confirm that helm/ring enchants (for XP/gold 10%) bonuses are applied *at the quest completion* and are clearly mentioned in the rewarded XP and gold.

(this is precisely 10% bonus on announced XP above)

Completing another quest, with or without XP runed objects, but with removing the XP-bonus-enchanted helm, gives the exact amount of XP mentioned in the quest info.

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