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Old 30th November 2016, 06:36 PM
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Default Fruit in the cauldron

Once you have finished to grow up your pets, fruits will become useless.
What I suggest is to implement a new function in witch cauldron: she can take count of the fruits you will trow in. You can decide when ask her to combine that. If you find the right formula you can have back a potion. Every kind of potion has a different secret combination, so you have also to diacover that.
Non paying player could have more xxl or eternal life potion in this way and fruits will continue to be useful. The entire community have to cooperate to find every formula
Old 30th November 2016, 07:33 PM
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I like the 1st part... 3 strawberries + 2 lemons = 1 XXL Int .
The secret formula not so much because basically you cant have more than 16 recipies and look what happened to the pets locations. Maybe they could add scrolls with formula to be bought at shop or found in missions. Once you get the scroll you learn how to do it (more to do ingame cause we all get bored soooo darn fast and need something new to do).

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Old 30th November 2016, 07:44 PM
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I´m not sure if the fruit droprate was increased with the twister-update but before the average fruit droperate was 7,5 (320 thirst) and because the pet-pvp has no real endgame all the fights will end up as a coin toss so you will statisticly only win 2,5/5 each day. This in mind the first people to max all their pet have still 600-700 days to go.
Old 1st December 2016, 12:44 PM
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Once you have finished an habitat, fruits will became quite useless.
You can grow up your pets for the fights, but it will depend on the server: if you are too strong for you enemies, nobody will attack you (that's my case and I have finished all the habitats a couple of months ago).
If I could use fruits for something else I could do it just right now and I don't have to wait 600 or 700 days.

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