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Old 24th July 2019, 03:02 PM
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Default Patch 3.040

Hello heroes! Patch v3.040 is live now (browser and Steam; Android and iOS updates will be available soon!)!

Added features:

+ Pets: added information which attribute is boosted by which element
+ Underworld: max. souls/level display added
+ Guild: „Hero of the Day“ award is back now!
+ Guild: added guild pet timer to menu button again
+ Guild: added colors to members based on guild activity
+ Mail: draft of unsent message saved now when leaving inbox
+ Options: added brightness slider
+ Apps, options, landscape mode: swipe function added for devices with aspect ratio >= 4:3
+ Apps, mushroom dealer: added coupon / voucher option


+ Scrapbook: active page saved for session now
+ Arena & dungeon: improved display of mushroom cost
+ Shops: active tower companion saved now when changing shops
+ Witch: desired ingredient also displayed while brewing
+ Stable: mount duration 1,000+ is displayed as 999+ now
+ Chat / context menu: improved text fields
+ Dungeon: tower fights can be started by clicking the enemy now
+ Dungeon: clicking cleared tower on dungeon screen displays companions now
+ Fortress / underworld: added display when an upgrade will be finished
+ Guild: reworked color of „inactive“ button
+ Guild: reworked list of members so names will no longer be displayed incompletely
+ Guild: added text popup to guild pet
+ Apps, fights: fights are active now, screen is no longer dimmed
+ Apps, registration screen: you no longer have to swipe to see all buttons

Fixed bugs:

+ Fortress: not all fortress attack notifications were sent
+ Scrapbook: viewing a player in the hall of fame displayed your own scrapbook % and not the other player’s
+ Arena: opponents with lower ranks have the correct red font now
+ Blacksmith: it wasn’t possible to upgrade weapons more than once in one go with the slider
+ Fortress, pets: attacks weren’t shown when you weren’t in a guild
+ Mail: selecting a friend displays the correct friend now

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