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Old 24th February 2020, 06:17 PM
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Default Patch v3.046

Here's a preview of PATCH V3.046. It will be live on today with all other servers getting the update tomorrow or on Wednesday.

New features:

General: new daily login calendar with up to 20 monthly bonuses
Tavern: added warning to quest selection if you don't have a mount
Gambler: new game of dice (pets and tower required)
Tavern: item quest rewards display blacksmith reward now
Arena: added class icon to PvP fights
Arena Manager: new Max multiplicator button
Mail: a full inbox makes the button flash now


General: changed "save your account" hint from level 10 to 5
Scrapbook: added x/y counter to all dungeon achievements
Arena Manager: rebalanced generating of runes
Shops: added new sparkle effect to items
Pets: if all pets of an element have been maxed out and you win a pet fight of that element, you no longer gain fruit but 10 million gold
Guild: fixed a links and tags exploit in guild chat
Guild: added red text color to guild pet if level is below average level
Hall of Fame: you can toggle attributes vs. player descriptions for all players now without having to manually switch for each player again
Wheel of Fortune, apps: added display of daily spins without having to press and hold button
Options: game asks for email address twice now if account has not been validated yet

Fixed bugs:

Apps: fixed notifications (gold, building upgrades...)
Character: fixed a display bug of the battle mage's damage
Character, apps: runes of an item no longer disappear in portrait mode
Tavern: quest selection correctly displays items with runes now
Arena: the same opponent is no longer suggested twice
Arena: fixed a display error when toggling arena and arena manager quickly
Arena: upgrade button is no longer greyed out despite having enough money
Magic shop: newly generated item no longer displays popup of previously bought item
Dungeon: fixed mirror image opponent in shadow dungeon
Dungeon: fixed a bug with invisible item rewards
Guild: the catapult's giant mushroom no longer overlaps player avatars
Hall of Fame: fixed a display bug when viewing members of other guilds with arrow keys
Hall of Fame: players without pets, underworld or fortress are no longer ranked in respective hall of fame lists
Wheel of Fortune: fixed a bug when trying to spin the wheel with all 20 regular slots used
Options: brightness slider affects guild chat now
Options: fixed displayed input fields when changing email address of an account not validated yet
Main UI: fixed a popup display bug with rune items with short names
General, Mac version: fixed a bug with blurred graphics

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