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Old 6th August 2014, 01:27 PM
bwana bwana is offline
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Lightbulb TSI - total strength index

I've been thinking about this idea for some time now, as I seen it in few other games.

TSI - Total strength index would show how player is strong comparing to his level. Aka every level he need to enlarge his stats to maintain TSI.
TSI will depend on all stats but mainly on main stat(str for warriors, int for mages... ) , con and luck.

My "only" problem is to find decent formula for TSI. This is current form:
TSI = (x*main + y*con + z*luck + k*(sum of secondary stats)) / lvl
where x > y, y > z, z > k
eg. for warrior
TSI = (1*str+ 0.75*con + 0.5*luck + 0.2*(dex+int)) / lvl

My research show that for maintaining TSI you need to add somewhere lvl/5 to main 3 stats (at least on my level, and Im 305 ) or more.

Lurking on other servers/forums I noticed that highest players stop adding to secondary stats somewhere 2000-2300, and focus on main 3, with this results: luck - up to 3000, con - up to 3500 , main stat - I see up to 9000+

Anyone has idea for formula??
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InfernoBogdan (6th August 2014)
Old 8th August 2014, 12:05 PM
bwana bwana is offline
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No ideas and no replies??? How's that?
Old 8th August 2014, 12:55 PM
bobo baggins's Avatar
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tbh nice idea but not something that would really fit in here. ppl mostly play cause of how basic the game is u start making it more complicated some ppl will start playing but ur core players I bet will start leaving I know I for one would.
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Old 8th August 2014, 06:20 PM
Carm3n Carm3n is offline
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It would be impossible to put something like this here.

Imagine 2 players, at 100 level.

Player A plays with "XP" quests"
Player B plays with "gold quests"

Player's B stats would be better, since on his way to 100 level he got more gold to upgrade them.
On the other hand, player A got to 100 a lot faster.

After some time, lets say 2 weeks, player A would have a higher level than player B, with a lower TSI (It's possible). So player B would be stronger, according to TSI, but in the actual combat, player A would win (since higher level equals better gear and better stat modifiers).

Also, about TSI's formulas.. You can't really put something set in stone there.
For example as a warrior you might think that Strength is 2 times more important than Stamina, whereas me, i would say Strength is 2.2 times better than Stamina (or 1.8 etc).

So you can't basically put a tag on each stat, and that's why there are "playstyles" that give some depth to the game.

Some might say that "a warrior needs luck against mage, to 1-2shot him" some others might say "warriors need stamina against mages, to outlast them".


On the other hand, you can make a formula for yourself, to your liking, picking the modifiers for each stat yourself, and make a tool for you, to compare yourself according to your way of thinking.
It would be fun.

For example you can use your modifiers to compare your toon with another one. Let's say you have a better TSI than him, but you are losing against him in Arena, and he has more dungeons defeated: That would be a hint that your TSI is not working, and that you give far too much credit on a stat.

Personally, i use a specific formula for comparing +3epics, +5 epics and normal items, but that's for me

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