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Old 8th July 2018, 08:24 PM
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Default Set items and transmogrification

Hello, meaby someone will accuse me that my ideas were copied from such games like diablo 2 or wow but the goal of my ideas is to make the game more attractive for players and to make usage from few non-used options in the game. You may vote for two ideas at once. So :

1. Set items

Every set would consist of 9 items. Set items would have additional bonuses depending on the quantity of actual owned. For the full set, we would get 8 bonuses.

How to get set items?

We wouldn't get them straightway. We would have to get scrolls which would be creating a set item - so the scroll would change our actual owned item to set item, changing accordingly its look and stats in order to fit our actual character level. The scrolls would be used similarly as gems.

How to get scrolls?

We would get scrolls by finishing 100 fortress fights as an attacker. The condition for passing the fight would be won fortress battle or battle in which attacker lost the battle and lost at least half of his maximum amount of warriors.

The view of set items :

Every item from the set would be similar looking. For example, we could create a set of Santa Claus, thief, fiery warrior etc. I suggest adding 10 sets for each class (30 overall).

Lack of randomness: after winning 100 fights in fortress a player would be able to choose from 10 available scrolls which he wants to get.
Every set scroll will not have assigned type of item and using the same scroll we would be able to create (change) for example helm to be set item or armour to set item.

Set item bonuses :

The first item wouldn't give us any bonuses.
Every next set item would make that each of our owned set item (from the same set) would get a stats upgrade which would fit for our actual character item level, so if our first set item would be created when we had lvl 30 and second when we had lvl 60 then stats of both items would be increased to fit for lvl 60 items.

Each second and next set item will give us a small bonus. All set items assigned for a given class (mage,warrior,scout) would have slightly different bonuses and information about those bonuses would be contained in scrolls.

Exemplary set item and its bonuses:

Easter Bunny set:

2 items - (Easter madness) 20% increase of set item stats during Easter season.
3 items - (crazy hare) +10 to stats of every set item (+80 in total)
4 items - (fast runner) additional 5% to gold income from the tavern
5 items - (busy bunny) additional 10% gold income from the city guard
6 items - (bunny sculpture) 10% increase of materials from blacksmith dismantling
7 items - (bloody hare) decrease arena waiting time by 1 minute
8 items - (hare rider) increase the duration of hiring amount by 1 day
9 items - (Easter bunny) adds an option to convert your character look into an Easter bunny which lasts 24 hours (2 days cooldown), increase 1% agility and stamina

This is only an example but personally, I would like to have except sets associated with events, new cool looking sets for example elements theme - fire, water, wind, electricity set etc.

Not to make things easy, when we will collect all items from set, those items won't be increasing stats according to our character level, we would be forced to start collecting another different set and slowly get rid of old one, slowly losing bonuses from every removed item from old set and adding bonuses from new one.
We also wouldn't be able to get the same scroll until we wouldn't get rid of the whole set. If we have 9 items (full set) for example Easter Bunny set, then we need to sell or get rid off 9 items from Easter Bunny set in order to be able to create it again, so in other words we will be forced to change our item set from time to time to another if we want our set to increase stats as we level up (every newly added item set increase whole set ilvl to fit our actual character level).

I do not specify accurate statistics of bonuses because the main goal for me is to get cool looking items. I leave stats decisions for game developers or for my readers. I suggest if you complain about the lack of balance to think deeply about those stats.

As we know mage is good vs scout and warrior is good vs mage. We could add for example to scout set - decrease mage critical damage you take by 25% or something like that.

2. Transmogrification

In forge (fortress) we will have a new option: donation for a blacksmith.
Donation for blacksmith will consist of wood and stone, which we mine in a fortress. In order to give a donation, we would need to choose the amount of wood and stone that we want to donate.
This option will look analogously as the gambler with a difference, that instead of one slider we would have 2.
In order to fill blacksmith donation, we would need to give him an amount of 48 hours income from our mines. There would be an option to give only wood or only stone at standard rates 3:1 (wood-stone). We would need 3 times more wood than stone.
The fill level could be made analogously as fill level in a toilet.

What if we make blacksmith happy and our donation surpass 48h mines incomes amount?

Then we would be able to change any item which we own to another look. When changing we would have access to our stamp album and from there we would be able to choose one item which we had already discovered previously (of course we won't be able to change shield to another weapon, for example, only the same type of item). The stats of the item will remain the same.

This option won't work with set items and its addressed mainly to players which have a fortress at max level and they have nothing to do with their materials (overproduction).

Summary :

My thoughts are like this: set items - this idea could turn into a good advertising campaign for shakes&fidget and this idea would be the first of that kind implemented to a browser game.
The same in case of transmogrification - being able to change item look would also be something innovative in a browser game and it would also fill up shakes&fidget advertising campaign both with set items. I'm sure many players will create an account if these ideas would be implemented.
Those ideas arose mainly from the fact that in this game we have items different looking on levels around 1-15 and after 15 or 20 lvl the look of items is generated randomly so that every player can get the same looking item. Annoying is the fact that players with high levels often own items which do not differ from those items owned by let's say, 50lvl players, not to mention the fact that we can have for example a hat from Easter event (appearance of hare ears) and Santa Claus armour or boots from Christmas event
which in my opinion looks rather ironically than aesthetically.

Let me know in comments what do you think about those 2 ideas and also check out my other ideas:
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