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Old 5th February 2019, 02:26 PM
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Default New Update

Hello heroes!

Here's the list of changes and fixes for today's Remastered update:

o Graphics: reworked graphics for some epic items and tower enemies
o Graphics: fixed a bug that displayed a random avatar when loading the appearance editor more than once per session
o Character: fixed a bug that displayed the pets when clicking the mount button
o Character: fixed a bug that did not display the gladiator and enchantment bonus for weapons
o Guild: hall of fame position is now displayed
o Guild: fixed a guild portal bug (the enter button was displayed although you already entered the portal today)
o Guild: fixed a bug with too long names in guild attacks
o Guild: fixed a bug that did not let you attack guilds 3,000+ honor ahead although within 20 ranks
o Tavern: beers can now be bought with enter key (keyboard)
o Tavern: fixed a bug during happy hour without having a single mushroom
o Tavern: fixed a bug with 0 thirst for adventure left
o Chat: reworked "/help advanced" chat command
o Scrapbook: swapped pages 7 and 8 to have all pet achievements on the same screen
o Scrapbook: fixed a bug that let you flick through the pages although you hadn't activated the book yet
o Scrapbook: character classes displayed too high numbers
o Dungeons: fixed a bug with flickering shadows
o Dungeons: fixed a display bug when entering the tower for the first time of the day
o Dungeons: fixed the display bug of dungeon 16 that displayed 10 floors instead of 20
o Hall of Fame: fixed a bug that displayed the potions of other players with a duration of 0
o Hall of Fame: fixed a crash when viewing the fortress hall of fame before unlocking the fortress feature
o Options: fixed a language bug with Portuguese language

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