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Old 16th April 2014, 05:37 PM
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Default Commas in numbers

On my phone the numbers are displayed with commas to separate longer numbers for example 1,234,567 rather than 1234567. It makes it far easier to read, and I think this could be implemented in to the browser version too
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Old 17th April 2014, 05:10 AM
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Default various ideas

My wishes are:

Better guild chat and chat history
Seriously... it is REALLY bad. When you log-on and can only see like the last 5 messages?

PvP attacks with tower companions
How about having two types of arena fights - with or without companions?

More dungeons / towers
For higher level players, it takes months between new dungeons (or tower level) can be completed...

Redo dungeons / tower
At least, give us the opportunity to take previous dungeons again and see how much we have improved :-). The epic probability should be much lower than the first time you win (where it should be 100% in my opinion) but there should be better exp than the normal quests

Harder quests
Could be combined with my previous suggestions of redoing dungeons and tower. As soon as you are above the lowest levels, you win 100% of your quests. How about making some much harder with a better prize at the end?

More potion space
If people wants to use potions for all their stat's, why not let them? To me, it doesnt make sense you have to cancel another potion if you want to use a fourth.

Windows phone app
I may be one of the few... but I have a windows phone and could use a s&f app for it ;-)

Toilet info
Sometimes I forget, if I have already donated to the toilet... Could be nice having the info saying "already donated today"

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Old 17th April 2014, 01:27 PM
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About your last suggestion slacker... There is already the toilet information you need. Everytime you donate something, you will see the inside of the toilet glowing. That means you have donated for that day. If it doesn't glow, it means it is empty for that day and you should donate
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Old 17th April 2014, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by slasker View Post
PvP attacks with tower companions
How about having two types of arena fights - with or without companions?

More potion space
If people wants to use potions for all their stat's, why not let them? To me, it doesnt make sense you have to cancel another potion if you want to use a fourth.

Toilet info
Sometimes I forget, if I have already donated to the toilet... Could be nice having the info saying "already donated today"
About toilet info: There is an indicator already. When you donate an item you will see a green glow "filling" the toilet.

About more potion space: This will raise the need for people to buy more potions. Thus will make the game more expensive. So -1.

About companion fights: -1. Same reason... Game will be more expensive since now you have to worry about your companions gear as well.

I'm not a windows phone user but i think there is an app for those already

As for the rest i could definetely agree as long as they dont raise the game cost
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Old 23rd April 2014, 10:07 AM
bwana bwana is offline
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My friend's ideas:

How about adding crafting to the game?
Not like crafting in mmo's but newer better one where you don't have to level it for days. Let crafting have, for instance, 10 levels which can be leveled up pretty quickly, and when you get to the max level, you search the new recipes trough dungeons, quests and shops. And, since this is a browser game, you don't have to make a lot of crafting skills. Or, if you want to keep players active more ingame, put 7464219357034956 levels to it, altho i doubt items crafted before max level won't be used anywhere.
And DON'T make it get you some funky stats like intelligence and dexterity stat for warrior >

Other thing is revamp of loot system:
Why do i have to get dexterity and intelligence stats when i'm a warrior? Most of the shop items are useles to me and i can't get a potion when i need it because of those junk items. And NO - i don't use shrooms to change my shop items Tower companions will get items with their stat trough toilet and that is that.

Stat changing and adding enchantments
Connected to loot revamp, let players change or add stats on items (except for epics to begin with) trough crafting skill or ingame shop. Since you already have enchantments trough witch, let her enchant items or change stats (int for str, luck for constitution, etc.) for gold (normal items) or shrooms (epic items). And let her have more of them to add the variety.

How about adding a trade funcion to the game?
It will be a good thing for crafting and earning some extra gold ingame for stats and items. This is just an experimentall, because it opens a door to scams.

Evasion and block need to be revamped!
At least for mobs. I've encountered a mobs in dungeons who had crazy evasion skills and lost. This is especially noticable with tower scouts.

That's it for now. If i remember something else, i will post it here. Cheers!
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Old 28th April 2014, 02:16 PM
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Thank you for your great suggestions! I've just forwarded all of them to our devs who will read them and pick the best ideas to add new content to the game.


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Old 29th April 2014, 11:47 AM
AleeAlee AleeAlee is offline
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ello there S&F community (apologies for my bad english, it's not my mother language).

i have a question, is there still possible to write a suggestion that would be processed to devs? i m returning player who re-joined after almost two year break, and i started again one week ago, so i m bit late with the ideas, that have popped on my head last night while i couldn't sleep

I will give it a go anyway - first of all i need to say, gratz to S&F team for a great game, its actually one of my favorite board mmo games, i have played in last 5 years.

Firstly my ideas are mainly (but not all) based on smoother leveling and advancing your character, cause from my practice and researches i did with thousands of players that play rpgmmos, showed that if you want the most satisfied players, you need to offer them to advance characters at some healthy speed, what S&F is missing atm when you reach end levels.

So to processed to my ideas next:

1. SPEED OF LEVELING - as mentioned quite few times already, there should be raised lvl cap to up to 1000 (random number, but it should acually be something big enough), to make chars lvling curve evenly distributed, so players at lvl 300+ don't gain level per month, but rather level at the speed of other lower level characters. To be honest, high level chars are those that value game most, they play for a long time, aswell as they spent most of Real life money on it, then why punish them with so slow progression of their characters. Where's the big con in this slow leveling speed? You get bored, when you are doing same level with equal power for so long, while the solution is quite eazy, simply extend level cap, and make leveling equivalent for all levels (with ofcourse small +x% difference for advancing to next level). Where's is the big pros in this? Pros are eazy to spot, faster player advancement make players feel more happy and satisfied with their chars, it takes longer to get bored - or not even bored at all. The main rule of those kind of board games is advancing your character, those games should offer the most dedicated player lot of fun and making them stronger for each day they spent a time in it. I also am aware that the block thats there with dungeons at end level (level 275+) is there mainly for lower levels to catch up faster, but for that, there is my next suggestion.

2. BONUS EXPERIENCE MOUNT ARMOR - pay to win option, that benefits Playa games as well as players that want to spent money ingame (i know some might hate me for this suggestion but read my next line carefully). Playa games with S & F game very successfully introduced a pay to win option, what exactly does that mean? This means that pay to win is very well implemented in the game at a very fair nature, that is available to a lot of players that play S&F. In other games (i talk about board games similar to S&F), if i give an example - if you spent 50 Euros, you last with ingame goods for that money for 2 to 4 weeks, while in S&F if spend for 50 Euros, you can play in full at least 6-8 weeks (this is based on my practice, on the 4 of character i play, and based on quite few other games i was playing in past, and spent real life money in it). Even for very few euros you can afford character development to the full extent, so if you add another Pay to Win button as an option, I think it shoul'd not be a problem.
So what is the idea acually? In mount store (or there should be a seperate window for it), you would have 4 new options to buy;
- light armor: increases your EXP gain when doing adventures for 50% for 14 days - cost: 20g
- medium armor: increases your EXP gain when doing adventures 100% for 14 days - cost: 50g + 1 mushroom
- heavy armor: increases your EXP gain when doing adventures 150% for 14 days - cost: 100g + 5 mushrooms
- unbreakable armor: increases your EXP gain when doing adventures 200% for 14 days- cost: 25 mushrooms
(all the numbers are made up, and can/should be balanced out).

3. TASKS - new "npc" found in Tavern, that offers a daily task ( could be weekly and/or monthly too with increased objectives to do and rewards for doing so). This new npc offers a job, to kill/defeat x number of monsters on quests on that day, or to defeat x number of players on that day, or clear a dungeon monster.

Rewards for doing so would be next (you would have guaranteed 1 reward up to max 3 rewards per daily task):
- 100% for each daily task : EXP
- 80%: x amount of gold (scaling with lvl same as exp)
- 60%: random item
- 40%: extra bear from bartender
- 20%: x amount of mushrooms ( small about of it ofc 5-20)
- 10%: legendary items

Weekly and monthly would offer better rewards, while exp reward would be guaranteed for completing a task. The daily task would be bound - 1 per day, when finished your locked from that npc till reset of the day.
Mounts armor mentioned at point 3 would affect the experiences gained from those tasks too.

4. SERVERWIDE BOSS - once per day a global server msg comes up, saying a random boss monster is preparing an attack on our beloved village. Global msg would come exactly 1 hour before an actual attack, and every player no matter on lvl could queue for a defense. When attack would happen, players are put in line from lowest lvl to max lvl. They attack and try to defend the village, while boss monster dmg scales with player he is attacking (so lower lvls wont get one shoted, and everyone can feel glorious when boss dies) and his hp would be based on total lvl of all chars fighting it. For the kill, he would always drop exp ofcourse and a random item (10%) and/or gold (100%), that is scaled with level of the player. The item that would drop would be a new version of item, that is called "relic item" and is better then legendary item. You can queue and attack on boss with your mirror or you personaly.

5. EXPENDABLE INVENTORY SLOTS - plenty has mentioned it already, my idea is to seperate it on 2 bags, while one is for items other one is for potions. At least 8 up to 16 slots per each bag.

6. PETS AND PVP PET BATTLES - at level 100 you can get a pet, pet levels up with you, so his lvl is always the same as yours, his power scales with yours, so for example he would not use any gear, not would you need to buy any stats for him, rather then, his power is x% ( while x is somewhere around 20-50%) of your own power. New button "PET BATTLES", where you duel your fellow comrades in big pet battles, 1 per 10 min, reward is honor gain, exp gain and at random some gold. To not overburden our beloved inventory even more, i chose pet scaling with characters. There could be a potion that would increase pet power for x up to y% for "z" days.

7. HOLIDAY EVENTS - another new button is implemented under the dungeons button It's called "EVENTS", it is only available to enter, when theres a real life event ongoing, and its available for lvl 10+ - events like Valentines day, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Lunar festival, etc many other real life events. So when you enter here, new event dungeon is open (event thats happening in rl), when fighting 10 boss dungeon, that is scaling with your lvl, you get random rewards, again exp gold and/or item for completing it. Ofc as its event dungeon, its clear that many can do it, rewards are smaller then normal dungeons, with maybe some cosmetic items, that suits well with the event that is on).

8. SCRAPBOOK EXTENDED - due to all the points i have main in this threat, scrapbook would need to extend for all the new items + monsters.

This is it from me, theres still plenty of ideas, but close to no room, and i m a bit tired from writing (and no sleep tonight ).

I would also like to point i m sorry if some of the ideas i wrote down was mentioned already, i have read all items last night, but maybe i forgot about them when i was writing this post. There is a lot of great ideas from other players too, like new dungeons, new potions etc.

for end, i would like to thank everyone for reading my ideas, and i hope i was not too late, would love if those could somehow end with Devs too /points at Leander, and gives him a hug and a big thanks in advance
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Old 1st May 2014, 09:32 PM
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Well I guess i´m to late but you could also fix some bugs...

1) Fix the scrapbook bug, some have got a bonus of 101%
2) Fix the bug that only German and English servers can see how much mana you´ve got already...
3) Another Mana toilet bug is that almost no one has got 2 or 3 of that rare shields for warriors...
My Idea´s:

I just ain´t get why the griffin dragon cost 25 mushrooms! A raptor (Wich gives you 30% less time during at quests (Griffin 50%)) costs 1 mushroom and 10 gold! So why not Griffin dragon 5 or 10 mushrooms?

Longer working hours. More then 10, like 20 or 24.
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Old 2nd May 2014, 08:05 AM
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As a guild leader, I am missing a button when I write a post.
Sometimes I just want to write to all of my officieren (don't know the name in the English game), my helping leaders.
Could there be a button just to write to them?
I know I can write to more than I player, but there's not enough space to write them all.

Also I would like more space to keep posts. Maybe for about 200 posts?
Then the winning/losing a fight messages can delete themselves after 1 week?

Is there a possibility to see the posts that you send? Sometimes the postspace of the reciever is full. Then you lose that post, that irritates.
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Old 31st August 2014, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by GeorgeKen View Post
1) More inventory space so as to hold equipment based on class you fight against (i want to hold items for different classes but cannot due to limitation of space),
2) As mentioned above, more duration for potions

you dont need to scroll with next/previous arrows for more inventory space, like in the usual big rpg retail games on cd/dvdv

a simple number lets say a max of 9 that will be shown above a potion, will do i guess

so when you have stacked lets say 8 big live potions (the winged ones) on the one you had in the inventory it would show a small 9 in the bottom right corner.

I have been thinking about this already since the game started cause many other inventories in game already use something like that.

see attachment: example1

also what might be fun , dunno if its already suggested:
cross-portal with bloodmoon, but this would be more for fun.

not the human players that would ruin the game, its the creatures that leaked through and must be kicked back...

lets say :

"something strange has happned, for some mysterious , yet unknown reason somehow the portals of the other game universe have opend, which made it possible for the creatures to
cross the bla bla bla
... and now these creatures are wreaking havoc .... bla bla bla
etc etc etc

screenshot: examplecrossportalcreatures.jpg attachment
is only added as a indication, of course the things have to be implemented well
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg examplecrossportalcreatures.jpg (38.3 KB, 8 views)

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