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Old 21st January 2020, 11:42 AM
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Default Arena Manager Upgrade Price (complaint)

Hello, so as title says, I think the price for permanent upgrades in arena manager is heavily overpriced.

Currently I'm at 175 mushrooms price for upgrade, and I know there's a 200 mushrooms limit but that's ridiculuous price for what it gives.

I mean you can have for this price 112 days fastest mount. Or you can roll 200 times dr. abawuwu which gives you like so many random bonuses, if you compare this with what it gives you in arena manager. I mean I have already upgraded the most expensive buildings, and if I want to finish the small ones which gives me like 1% of the money income combined together, each for 200 shrooms, it's like 2,000 mushrooms wasted for nothing.
Or let's say I'll get better rune bonuses by 1% over a 6 months.

Ridiculous pricing.

I would understand if 200 was for the most expensive building. Each building have like 2 upgrades so maybe if the cost would be like:

Popcorn 2x for 5
Parking 2x for 10
Traps 2x for 20
Drinks 2x for 40
Deadly 2x for 60
VIP 2x for 80
Snacks 2x for 100
Monsters 2x for 150
Toilets 2x for 200

Considering the amount of money each building provides this seems fair more pricing, 1,330 shrooms for all upgrades instead of 2,900 which is insane I think. I would actually spend the less amount and I think more people would do that then this nonsense.
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