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Old 17th August 2017, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
It is true. Scouts evade with a 50% chance whereas warriors block with a 25% chance.

Of course a warrior might block three consecutive attacks if he is lucky.

Just roll dice...for example 3. The chance to roll a 6 with 1 six-sided die is 1/6...still you can roll 6, 2, 6 or even 6, 6, 6.
Of course this is independent events. However to roll three times 6 in a row you have chance 0.46%. So statistically on 216 tries you should obtain one event. Of course it is only probability so you can obtain event a bit more or even not obtain but still its around one on 200 tries.

Now into SFgame. This is very rare event to roll 5 blocks in a row (if chance for block is constants and equal to 25%). On 1024 tries it should appear one time. Because its only probability it may occurs two, three, zero times but it's still like 1/1024 and it should be very rare event. Now tell me how such rare event can occurs like common event? I had it like 2 times in 20 tires.

I give u and an example of Diablo II where the loot system is superior and probably the best made algorithm in whole history of aRPG. At patch 1.11d has some ultra rare stuff like High Runes where probability were around 0,098% or even less. It forced you to play a lot to find one High Runes (like few months of many hours farming) and you were super lucky if you found it. Now tell me if there was very similar probability of event why here it acts like common event and there you actually feel that 0,097% chance?

Moreover look at scout vs warrior. The event of 4 evades in a row is super common. If it's always 50% for evade you have probability equal to 6.25%. So statistically on 1000 arena fights you should have like 63 with such event. In reality you have such event almost in every fight. How come? You can't lie mathematics.

It shows that there is no 50% for evade and 25% for block. There is much more complicated algorithm which include many of variables such number of round, lvl, main stats etc.

They told you there is 50% and 25% chance like Playa told me there is random chance to find Key to Shadow World dung 2,3,4,5 after clearing dungeon 1. And it was a lie, you have random chance but WHEN YOU FINISH MIRROR. Before that you finish mirror you can't find Key to dungeon 2+ in shadow no matter how many thousands of tries you make.
Your associate told me keep trying until I find it, there is no bug just luck And later (Anabelle from PL support) said there was a bug and you need find mirror. So first sentence was like yours - all about luck, then she changed her mind

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