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Old 23rd October 2016, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Borb View Post
Not really, and even if that was truth for few last bosses, what does it matter anyway ?
You want to level up as quickly as possible, and when you are level 400 and you have very few bosses left, it doesn´t really matter wheter you can one or two additional bosses than other, because the experience cap is 300 milions - and that´s barely a third of a level, which means nothing.

Scouts are simply best, because if you pour mushrooms into fights and pray for " dodge god ", ur just gonna kill way more bosses than mages, you will naturally have higher levels and with higher levels you get more experience and gold, so here you got it.
Well, if you check my post above, over the period of 1 month, my Scout only outlevelled my Warrior by 1 level...

they had 2 levels difference, and today they have 3 lvls difference...

that isn't so "earthshattering"... at some point my warrior was actually ahead, as i put on a HP potion... now a +str +con +hp pot combination made the warrior so strong he was taking out players 30-50 lvls higher, and finishing dungeons first.

the hp pot expired, and the scout overtook him again... a marginal difference, either way

Originally Posted by fidget View Post
From my point of view, getting 100.000 coins in level 150 is much better than getting that amount in level 165 for example. Also, the quality of items you get depends on the Aura you have in the toilet. So if I am lets say 170 level and I have aura 10, I may get the same stats on a belt with someone level 200, but the stats now have more value because of my "low" level
I hope you understand the point I am trying to make

its a game, each person plays the way they want... you have found a way that suits you

in the scouts guild we had a guy who had really high stats, i think he mushroomed and did gold only... when i reached his level i had 600, and he had 750 base stat, today he has 900, i have 1100, and 40 levels higher than him

this means that for his level, he is the most powerful player around... but he's never the highest level player in the guild, and cant tank...

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Old 23rd October 2016, 05:12 PM
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Guys, in 7 years of S&F lots of players from all over the world tried to make up with this question: exp or gold?

The answer is in front of your eyes at every new server launch.

If you wanna be a competitive player you MUST go exp route. It's just a way better than gold.

The more you play the more who chooses exp will be stronger than the gold ones.

Why? Time.
Time is the key.

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Old 24th October 2016, 09:18 AM
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I play exp on all 3 servers I play on 2 are warriors and a scout. I use to have a couple mages back in the day and I can tell you this. scouts clear more dungeons faster then any class. But in arena guild dungeon raids and guild wars I will take a warrior over a scout or mage that are the same level any day. As for mages as you notice I didn't keep any of mine. All I can say about them is they can be nice for the last couple dungeon raids if you have one built right and is one of the last players to attack but wouldn't want one to be the last one they wouldn't last long enough against the end bosses. as for player dungeons yeah they do ok where other classes stall ( warrior dungeon 13 and scout dungeon 11) but in the end scouts tend to finish first 13 dungeons first mages at least the good ones 2nd about 75% of the time then warriors last.

Arena my best warrior took first in arena way back when and most other players were still like 20+ levels higher then me (yeah I would lose the ranking a lot back then but didn't take long to get it back as well) my other warrior is ranked 4th and very few players can touch him who are lower ranked then him. As for scouts I had retired him for over a year and worked him back into the top 10 but hard to gauge where he would rank in an active server. (that toon is in a pretty much dead server).

Well guess I better get back on point. all 3 toons there are players who go gold or when active went for gold quests I blew past them in level and power. At lvl 420 (my best toon) I am still going exp and not looking back I may switch to gold when I reach lvl 490 if the lvl cap hasn't been increased by that point but otherwise I wont change my game play.
have fun, fight hard, die honorably
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