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Old 2nd July 2018, 10:45 AM
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Default What would we like to see in 3.0

Although it is probably too late it might be a good idea to compile a list of things worth changing in the upcoming 3.0 version of the game.

Here's a couple of suggestions from me.

I hope others will join in with their ideas.


...remembers dinosaurs. I would dare to say that it is essential for a an online game to have ingame mail system that is able to hold items. This is only in Playa's best interest. If something goes terribly wrong or there's a holiday they can send for example Vitality Potions to everyone (as a gift).


...for some reason works exactly how you would think it shouldn't. The game is only able to place an item in the bottom row. If there's no room there, then the item that was there is moved to an upper row, to make room for the new one.
Since it works in such a convoluded way I am affraid the system would break completely if more then one item would appear at a time. Now we only get a single item at a time, but in the future? - who knows.

3) CHARACTER DESCRIPTION CARD not visible at all to others. Most people forgot it actually exists. Either make it more visible or get rid of it completely.

...mostly does not work, since it doesn't show if people are actually online. Yes, it is possible to have friends outside your guild.

...are a wasted opportunity. I suggest we should buy food / snacks for our mount and they would give us time reduction (which would be represented by a colorful aura.
This would open the option of buying the mount we like. Also Playa could introduce a whole system here of training our mount or maybe even mount breeding.
Such a mount could give us stat bonuses or maybe work separately and be used for racing? chivalry tournaments? Sky's the limit (although flying mounts are also an option).
They could also give us with bigger selection of mounts (visually), some of them could be sold for shrooms.


...seem to have no effect. The more beers we buy the more drunk everyone should be.

...also remembers dinosaurs. I think that players should get their own house. Playa could add visual representation of certain trophies. There could be a place for the mirror, bigger and bigger key chain, place for Scrapbook and so on.
Right in the center there would be a "wanted" scroll with our character and stats.

...seem to only cover what we have at the time. Make it bigger, with fog of war for future updates.I know, mind blowing.

For the start I think that's enough. Visual things do not need to be implemented right away. This can be an ongoing process, after the 3.0 release.

Make this game better Playa
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Old 2nd July 2018, 06:45 PM
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Thanks for your suggestions!

I don't have details at the moment but the guild chat will be improved as posted on Facebook.

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