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Old 21st June 2018, 06:45 PM
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Default A Letter to the Community

A letter to the community

We released a big content update at Easter - the new Assassin class and the Time-Honored School of Magic. Originally, this update would have also contained the international fights for guilds and heroes but they did not work well back then. Initially, they were part of the guild raid update in December.

We have to admit that although these fights were technically difficult to implement, the latest update is rather small. We fully understand that a lot of players are disappointed now. It is highly important to us to explain why we chose to release it this way and what is planned in the near future.

Why didn’t you announce the actual content of the guild update in advance to avoid speculation and disappointment?

For a long time it was not clear if we could technically realize what we wanted to as from the initial launch of S&F on, all servers had been completely independent and mergers were never planned back then. This is the reason why we don’t make precise announcements. We would love to give you exact details what feature will go live and when but experience has shown that things often take longer than expected or don’t work as planned, and although we have failed to fulfill your expectations now, we do not want to disappoint you!

Why doesn’t this update contain other changes?

There are many useful suggestions for improving the game, many of them suggested by you. We did not include them yet as the international cross-server fights caused a lot of technical problems and were very demanding. Once these new fights work well without problems we will release another update with several small improvements.

You announced a birthday surprise and I expected a big new feature. I am disappointed now!

The Facebook announcement reads as follows: “we have been working on it for over a year now and it will be the biggest change the game has seen in three years.”

We would like to apologize to those who thought the surprise would be a new feature. We understand that our text was ambiguous and will avoid such expressions in the future. Nevertheless, Shakes & Fidget Remastered is the biggest change in years, maybe the biggest change ever. It’s the first time we code the whole game in another programming language from scratch and completely rework the graphics. We know you have only seen a single screenshot yet but you will understand our excitement better when more screenshots will be released soon.

Why do you work on Remastered instead of just releasing new features?

Coding the entire game from scratch and reworking all graphics is more expensive and more work than new features. Of course we do that for good reason.

Adobe Flash, the technology behind Shakes & Fidget, is on the verge of extinction. Many browsers have already limited Flash support and might stop supporting it within months. We already developed a HTML5 version some time ago but it is only an emergency solution in case Flash will be discontinued before the release of Shakes & Fidget 3.0. Moreover, Adobe might discontinue the support for creating Android and iOS apps as well, making a new engine absolutely crucial for Shakes & Fidget.

As we have to code the entire game from scratch anyway, there’s also the opportunity to fix some other problems. The game with its many added features is almost overloaded. For example, the international cross-server fights are displayed in the PM box, which is definitely not the best solution. Most of the mobile screens do not have space for more buttons left. Without redesigning the game it is hardly possible to add big new features.

How will this be improved in the Remastered version?

Here’s a specific example: in the new version the city guard will be a character in the tavern, which adds space for another menu button and a new feature. Another example: the guild screen is jammed in the current version with no more space for something new. The Remastered version will have a reworked layout with tabs. In addition, you will be able to see more guild members without scrolling. Such changes are important for clearing up the game and making room for future features.

What features are planned next and when can we expect them?

There are many ideas and suggestions made by the community. However, it is too early to announce something specific now. All we can say is that many features will be only possible in the new version. We are sure that Shakes & Fidget Remastered is the first step in the right direction and for a great future for us all!

Your Shakes & Fidget team

Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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