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Old 15th September 2020, 07:22 AM
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Lightbulb Parallel upgrade for fortress buildings

Hi everyone.

Starting at level 15, upgrades to the fortress take at least 11 days, allowing approximately 2 levels within a month. However, there is not only one building that can be upgraded to level 20, but without the fortress there are 7 buildings (Academy, Quarry, Woodcutter's Hut, Treasury, Gem Mine, Smithy and Fortification). It is estimated that it will take 17-18 months (~2.5 months per building) to upgrade every building to level 20 and sometimes beyond.

From a resource point of view, a multiple parallel upgrade would be possible for me without any problems. I always have too many resources due to the fortress battles, so I can't pick up stone or wood.

I think it would be helpful to allow a parallel upgrade so that the achievement "The King" would be shortened and the game would be more attractive as far as the fortress is concerned. Allowing parallel upgrades would shorten the duration massively (~2.5 months, if there are always enough resources). Apart from that, the fortress is of no use to me except for the mine, and achieving the achievement "The King" takes really forever in the "normal" way without mushrooms.

When could the parallel upgrade be allowed:
1. when all buildings are at level 15
2. if all buildings are at level 15 and the fortress is at level 20
3. if all buildings are on level 15 and the Fortress and Hall of Knights are on level 20

I look forward to your comments.

Many greetings
Sea Turtle
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Old 15th September 2020, 03:10 PM
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I put in the time, effort and mushrooms to complete this fortress without parallel activities.

No Shortcuts

I am 100% against this.
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Originally Posted by Strider View Post
I put in the time, effort and mushrooms to complete this fortress without parallel activities.

No Shortcuts

I am 100% against this.
Not necessarily a bad thing..It happend with the tower helpers.Most of us have spent a lot of gold by leveling them.Now they level up with your character and we haven't got a refound ( Tbh,didn't even need that).Not trying to be rude,but it's not our concern that you rush every feature in this game and then if there's something new added that might ease our evolution you complain about that.The idea is good,I've thought about it before.Maybe not in the scenarios that Sea Turtle has mentioned,but in the endgame,when you have to choose between upgrading the gem mine or the treasury,would be great to have a possibility in which you can upgrade both at the same time as long as you have the resources needed.
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Old Yesterday, 08:25 PM
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its a shrooming feature here.

You can advance faster with spending shrooms here. It is intnded to function this way.

If there are any changes here, like being able to build two ore more buildings at the same time, then all the people who used schrooms here to skip the building time need to be refunded.

Otherwise just use your shrooms too...

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