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Old 15th May 2018, 02:15 PM
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Default Some suggestions

Since lately people have been complaining about the way the game has been developed, I decided to make this thread in order to "compile" some of the suggestions given by the community (there is some suggestions made by me) in order to improve this game.

- Golden frame: give it some minor advantages (I think 1000 is too much for only esthetics).
- Reduce the thirst duration (keep the 320 thirst/day, but rework its duration, 320 minutes is way too much).
- Rework Underworld ranking system OR remove it. Once you defeat the #1 player, the system motivates you to only keep upgrading the keeper and forget about trolls and goblins. Besides that, upgrading something only to get a decent spot in the ranking, not having any impact in your gameplay, is not a good idea.
- Rework goblins and trolls. They are super weak compared to keeper, and I don't really see why we should upgrade it when we can do it to the keeper instead.
- Rework the "new" 100 guild dungeons. Not only you gave us the same monsters (when, according to the update announcement, you talked about "100 new raids for you and your guild", not "100 raids with the same monsters"), which is completely stupid and make us think you're a lazy company, they are way too strong and the rewards given completely suck.
  • Nerf the monsters stats / buff the players stats.
  • Give us better rewards (gold/xp) when completing each raid.
  • We now get % XP and Gold for the guild when completing each raid.
  • Re-design the monsters of the raids, and try to give us something new.
- Servers fusion/migration: this MUST be done. If you can't merge servers, then create an option so that people can move their accounts to other servers. You have no idea how it's like to play in old servers where there are maybe 10-15 players that do 320 thirst/day. Something has to be done about this, period.
- Change the XP curve: playing 320 thirst above level 350 is really monotonous, and the content implemented to those players take too long to be done. We have nothing to do besides doing thirst every day and maybe try 1/2 times some dungeon. Changing the xp amount earned in those levels could change the monotony experienced in those stages.
- Fortress: increase some buildings max level (wouldn't say 30, but maybe 25 or 27). Another content that can't have an end due to its ranking system.

And finally, last but not least, stop giving us nonsense and "nothing-new" updates. We don't want shadow-themed content. We don't want same old things with different names. We want new. New things to accomplish, new things to explore, new things to compete with each other for.
If you want to create a new class, create a new class with new items, new stats, new potions, new epics, new monsters with those new things implemented on them.
If you want to create a new dungeon, design new monsters (like you did in dungeon 15!) with harder stats but still good rewards.
If you want to implement content directed to the guilds, don't forget about the oldest servers, where guilds are not that active and so it'll be hard to accomplish some things.
If you want to create new content, think about it and decide whether a ranking system would be good or bad. Take this example: characters ranking is good because there are no equal characters with the same stats/armor/itens. However, pets/fortress/underworld rankings' are bad because, somewhere in time, there will be a lot of players that already maxed it out and there won't be anything to differ each players.

- Design some "medals", that can be shown in the profile, to reward players for being the first (or the first 3/5/10 players to achieve something, instead of only 1.)
First to finish dungeon 13 in that server, first to finish fortress in that server(level 395), first to finish underworld in that server, first to get all the 100 pets, first to achieve level 400/450/500/550/600, stuff like that could solve the rankings problem.

Looking forward to hear the community's feedback.
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