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Old 14th July 2015, 05:02 PM
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Default Tool - Guild Log

Hi guys,

some time ago I made an excel sheet where I tried to keep log of donations and guild fights. With the start of W1 I reactivated my sheet and made some improvements. Now I would like to show it to you. You may download or copy it for your own use. Here's the link:

First insert all members of your guild on the "Names sort" column. You can take leader and officers first or insert all members in alphabetical order. Do as you want. At "Start" you can insert the gold and mushrooms every member has donated. On the next day you can either copy/paste the last day and correct the entries or you take notes directly. As you do you will be shown the difference from last day. If a member hasn't donated gold since last day, the cell gets red.

When a new member gets into the guild you can make a "0" at today's gold status of that day or mark gold with "N" for new player.Players that leave the guild can be marked by adding a "ZZZZ" to their name. These members will get marked red. The column "Names unsort" is for reference. You can copy your guild list and sort their names alphabetically. That way you can control if the list is complete or not.

On the left side you copy the members list of the guild. At the beginning every member has a "X" next to their name". I made the "REF" column for that, so you can copy/past it. If a fight starts you mark every member that takes part with" "P" in the "ATT" or "DEF" column. New players can be marked with "N". Since you can't be online 24/7 and someone might have taken part without you taking notes, you look at the fight in mail and correct the list on the right. After you did that use the notes from the guild list and add them on the right side. For that you copy Column "M" and insert it to the next column. There you correct the entries so they match with the guild list. In the first row I note the date and if it was an "A"ttack, a "D"efense or a "R"aid. I also mark every won fight with a "" and every lost one with "". Next to every member are two columns that show the number of fights they could take part of and how many they took part, also shown in percent. Yellow is between 10% and 25%, green is under and red over this numbers.

Between the guild list and the members list is the column "unsorted". There I copy the guild list and sort it alphabetically to see if I missed any name. After you are done with a fight you control if the "numbers under "Attack" and "Defense" match with your entries on the right side. In this list also every member that left the guild is marked with "ZZZZ" added to their name.By doing that they don't count as members anymore and get marked red. Mark new members with an "N" at the reference column. And don't forget to unmark them if they were able to take part in a fight.

I think there are many more things I should explain to make it easier to use, but I'll try to answer any question you have about my file. Hopefully it can be useful for you too! PS: Sorry for my bad english, I tried to keep it as simple as I could.

Edit: To see faster who missed the fight, next to the "X,P,N" list you can find a list where players that were not part of the fight are marked by their name in red. New players get a yellow "N-" in front of their name and players that took part have just a "/===/" in the cell. That way you can easily find players that were too lazy to take part.

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Old 5th August 2015, 01:48 PM
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Hi guys,

I made a great update for my tool. You are now able to log your guild members level and see their progress after each fight. As you look at a fight, instead the "P" you enter the players level. This level will be shown between the guild-list and the members-list. You copy this row and insert it (only the values) in the fight row. If you defend, take care that you don't enter the level for players that didn't join the fight. Keep the "X" even if you see their level. In the level row I also added a level minimum. There you can see how many players are below the minimum level after you entered the levels after the fight. It doesn't really matter that you can't see the levels of the highest players, because they already reached the minimum level. Hope it can help you!
Old 5th October 2015, 10:34 PM
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Thanks, Dan, for your great job!
- Nibiru

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