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Old 23rd January 2015, 02:40 PM
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Default S&F Developer Diary, Mushroom Sale & XP Event


"In our first Developer Diary we announced our intention to completely revamp Shakes & Fidgets and make huge improvements throughout. In our second entry, we explained that it's one of our main goals to improve the game's quality for the tablet and Smartphone versions.Today, we're finally ready to show you the first picture of the game itself – which is something you've been asking for weeks now.

We had a variety of options, but in the end, we decided to go with a seemingly unspectacular screen. But don't judge a book by its cover, because this screen already reveals much about the many improvements we've made so far. Please also remember that this is work in progress and much can change over the coming weeks.

As you can see, the game runs on a tablet and it doesn't have the the left menu with the buttons that you know from the PC version. However, the menu exists – it's simply hidden and can be opened by tapping the arrow on the left side of the screen!

While the current tablet version still has the black frames, those are gone from the iPad version. Instead of the 15 entries that could be displayed per page before, you can now see 30 entries at once. The tabs above the list show that we have added a non-guild related friends list in addition to the Hall of Fame for heroes and the guild list. Many of you have asked us to separate messages from other adventurers from combat notifications – and we have complied! Furthermore, you will now receive notifications of guild battles, and you can save those messages for an unlimited time. We've even added an ignore list, which you can find in the friends list.

Another change we made is to the display of the currently inspected character: You can now see the character in full on the right side of the screen. We wanted you to be able to see more than just the picture and the attributes, so we completely redesigned the character screen. You will now find achievements at the bottom of the screen. We also added small icons for rank, armor, the scrapbook, mounts and potions above the attributes. We moved the inventory and (this much we can already tell you) it will be able to have more than the 5 slots you are used to in the future!
We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Shakes & Fidget team"

Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming update, the diary entries and more:

Link to larger image:


On 24 and 25 January we have a Mushroom Sale. The additional 20% have already been added to the displayed number of mushrooms. Please note that it sometimes takes a while till the mushrooms are added to your account.


This weekend it's time for XP, additional XP, more XP, even more XP and a little bit of ... XP-XP!
Complete quests and get more XP than usual!


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