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Old 4th December 2014, 05:46 PM
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Default News update

"Hello Adventurer!

Since the very beginning of Shakes & Fidget, we have continually been working on improving and expanding the game. For some time now, we’ve also been working on a huge update that will introduce many new features. At the same time, we would like to make a few of the older features simpler to use and look better. Naturally, everything is essentially remaining just how you know and love it! The changes we will actually make will be coordinated with the community as we go. The first thing we reported was that we want to raise the level of some of the old graphics to that of the new, so that everything looks like in the witch’s cauldron or demon portal. But rest assured that no changes will be made to the cult comic book style.
We’re really happy that this idea has been so well received! However, the graphics are only a fraction of what we have planned. And today, we’d like to tell you about the next part:

#2 All becomes one!

More and more of you are also playing Shakes & Fidget on your smartphones and tablets, so one of our major goals is to further improve the game experience on these devices. Until now, there’s been one Shakes & Fidget for browsers, one for Android smartphones, one for the iPhone, one for Windows Phones, and one for tablets (Shakes & Fidget HD). While the browser version has always been up to date, availability of new features for the other versions has occasionally delayed by several weeks because they have to be programmed from scratch for each device. On top of that, the apps currently offer different levels of convenience. All these issues will be dealt with in the coming update.

In future, the latest version of Shakes & Fidget will always be available on all mobile devices! It won’t matter if you’re playing on Android, iOS or Windows: You’ll always have the latest Shakes & Fidget with you in your pocket – optimized for your smartphone or tablet.

Until the next installment in our developer diary
Your Shakes & Fidget team"

Shakes & Fidget Community Manager

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